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Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit
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In November of 1978, Deputies from various Sheriff's Offices within the Central and South Florida regions met with Investigator Caldwell and Investigator Maynard from the State of Florida Department of Agricultural Marks and Brands to discuss the needs of forming a intelligence unit.
The first Central Florida meeting with Investigator Caldwell took place at the McCoy Airport in Orlando, Florida.  The same week, Investigator Maynard held a meeting in Wauchula, Florida.
In 1979, the monthly intelligence meetings started.  Toward the later part of 1979, it was decided that a training conference would be beneficial in getting deputies within the agricultural field specialized in various subject matters.
A training conference was planned for April of 1980 and took place at the Silver Spurs Fairgrounds in Kississimmee.  With the assistance from the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Group (Loss Prevention Unit), this one-day training took place with more than 100 Law Enforcement Officers in attendance.  At that 1980 training, most of the deputies participating were assigned to units either known as Ranch & Grove or Citrus & Cattle, or just Ranch within their agencies.  Also at that 1980 conference, the Florida Citrus & Cattle Intelligence Unit was formed.  The unit then started conducting meetings under that name and held its first election of officers.
In 1992, the Florida Cattle & Citrus Intelligence Unit changed their name to the Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit. The Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit (FACIU).
FACIU continues the mission and dedication in developing solutions to the unique crimes that affect agriculture, livestock, rural communities and agricultural related businesses throughout the State of Florida.




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    FACIU is a Not-For-Profit organization available to all Law Enforcement Officers.

    FACIU Annual Membership Dues are $100.00 per Agency

    For membership questions, contact: FACIU Secretary Mike Pedonti at 904-295-3443 or FACIU Treasurer Allyssa Parish at 352-343-2101. 

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